Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important a good Restaurant Management System (a.k.a Point of Sale) is to your business. Check out the FAQ below to find out how FoodFli can enhance your restaurant experience. When you’re ready to talk further we’re here to help!


FoodFli provides solutions to common restaurant frustrations by empowering your customers to order, pay, and more from their devices. This simple, but powerful concept will result in a more efficient and streamlined operation for your business. We recommend watching this quick video to further your understanding of our service.

Our restaurant management system removes a great deal of the common bottlenecks that reduce operational efficiency. Here are some of the benefits you should expect:

  • Faster Table Turns
  • Line Reduction
  • Increased Check Sizes
  • Takeout Ordering Efficiency
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction

FoodFli provides your restaurant with a number of different interfaces that allow you to efficiently manage your operation. We understand every restaurant is unique, so the interfaces you’ll use will likely vary based on your use case. Here are the interfaces available at this time:

  • Cashier Interface
  • Server Interface
  • Bar Interface
  • Kitchen Interface
  • Manager Interface

We understand that no two restaurants are the same and strive to create solutions that work well for your needs. Our service can improve the experience at a variety of restaurant types including:

  • Full Service
  • Quick Service
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bars

Contact us for a more thorough consultation.

We refer to FoodFli as a restaurant management system because it does so much more than the POS systems that are typical in the industry. Restaurant guests can use the customer side of the FoodFli app to interact directly with your restaurant. This concept arms your restaurant with rich data on the customers that visit you, while simultaneously improving their dining experience.

Our modern restaurant interface is easy to setup and provides you with interfaces that are specific to the function your employee is working in.

We recommend watching this quick video that explains some of your guests possible use cases.


Most definitely! You can set restrictions for both takeout and in restaurant ordering. No need to worry about your customers accidentally ordering some road beers!

Our service customizes to your needs, so if you don’t want your customer’s to order specific menu items you can restrict those items to employee ordering only. Contact us if you have further questions and we’ll be happy to go over some of our customization options.

There is an option to quickly activate and deactivate specific menu items within the app.

They most certainly can! Modifying your menu offerings is a quick and painless process.

We’ll gather all your menu information, along with their varying hours of availability during the onboarding process. Your customers will have the ability to order off of the menu available at that time.

Payment Processing

App users can store their preferred payment method directly in their FoodFli account, allowing them to pay for their orders with the tap of a button. Alternatively they can pay via cash or credit card per your normal process.

Yes, you’ll be able to process all major credit and debit cards through FoodFli and our flat rate fee means you’ll pay the same amount for every transaction.

Funds are typically deposited in 24-36 hours.

Yes, if your customer submitted their order through the app (i.e. they have a FoodFli account) you’ll be able to search for all of their past orders. Otherwise your customer will need to present you with their receipt or card number so you can look up their purchase.

You can also void items that have been submitted by you or your customers. Upon doing so, you’ll have the option to mark an item as void or comp, allowing you to effectively track the impact of the order on your operation.

Restaurant Customers

FoodFli is available on iOS devices (i.e. iPhones and iPads) at this time. We’ll be expanding to Android in the near future.

FoodFli empowers your customers to control their experience, while interacting directly with your establishment(s). This means that their experience is no longer constrained to the limitations of your technology.

No, the FoodFli app is completely free for your guests!

Here are some of the ways your customers will gain exposure to the FoodFli app:

  • At the restaurant there are identifiers on the tables that inform them that the FoodFli app is available at your restaurant.
  • If your customers don’t have the app already they can download it for free on the app store.
  • When away from your restaurant; customers can use the FoodFli app to explore local restaurants (including yours). In other words, current FoodFli users will gain exposure to your restaurant through our app.

We’ll go over user engagement during the onboarding process to ensure your guests are fully utilizing the services available.

During the onboarding process we’ll collect information on the tables available in your restaurant. Once that information is collected we’ll print you custom identifiers that will be placed on the table. You’ll also have the option to print identifiers yourself should you ever need replacements.


FoodFli is iOS based, so you’ll need Apple devices to run your business (either iPhones or iPads).
We firmly believe the future of restaurant operations is through mobile technologies, as they’re easier to use and offer more flexibility. Your customers are already using this technology so meet them where they are.

One of the great features of FoodFli is that it customizes to you. Regardless of your hardware needs, the solution you choose will likely be much cheaper than your current POS technology.
Our payments partner also offers at cost financing solutions to ease you into the transition. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Feel free to keep it for a couple of months as you test us out, but once you’re ready to part ways you could likely sell it. There are various services like ReSource that will purchase your old equipment.

FoodFli is available for download in the app store, so getting setup is about as easy as installing an app. The app guides you through a simple sign up process, where we’ll collect necessary information to get you up and running. Getting everything entered in the system takes about an hour, but we’ll fill most of this out for you.
Hardware installation is very much dependent on your current setup and desired configuration. Please contact us for more information.

Migrating to a mobile solution opens up a lot of flexibility for securing your equipment. Check out some use cases below:

Use Case #1
You want to take countertop orders from customers using a credit card, but you want the flexibility to take the tablet with you so you can take orders on the go. Here are some solutions that would work well for you:

Use Case #2
You’re tight on space and want to be able to mount an iPad on the wall for your server’s to enter orders. Here are some solutions for you:

Use Case #3
You can still use a receipt printer to communicate orders to your kitchen, but FoodFli offers an alternative solution that allows you to manage orders directly on your iPad. In this case you could mount an iPad in your kitchen to manage orders. Here are some solutions to help you accomplish this:

We use Star Micronics Printers (and cash drawers) to print customer receipts and kitchen tickets. You do alternatively have the option to display kitchen tickets directly from the app in which case you’ll want an iPad in your kitchen.
You’ll also need credit card terminal(s) for processing physical transactions. There are a couple different options here that we’ll get you setup with during the onboarding process.

We offer you the flexibility to manage and display kitchen orders directly on an iPad. Alternatively you can print orders through a receipt printer.

Our service is compatible with Star Micronics printers and cash drawers. During our consultation we’ll discuss what equipment you’ll need and will help you get setup.

Installing a receipt printer is an easy process, particularly if you already have the appropriate wiring in place. Contact us and we’ll help you get setup.